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In this game, you use your magic mirror protect Zinchio from Mirlandio, who is hurling balls of dirt at an alarming rate! Help Zinchio defeat the EVIL Mirlandio before it's too late!

This project was created for 1-Button Jam 2018, using the theme "Bounce." However, we apparently broke the rules by including mouse movement. I think that only adds to how cool our game is, don't you?

Thanks to Autotrophian for the in-game art!

How to Play!

1) Move the mirror by moving the mouse.

2) Click to make the mirror solid, in order to block incoming dirt balls!

3) Be careful! Once you click, you won't be able to move the mirror again until it reflects a dirt ball!

4) Have fun!


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unique mechanic. there is a bug in the game that actually adds a little bit of strategy to the gameplay. if you click immediately after reflecting a dirt ball the mirror won't move to your mouse position. i think this may have been intentional so you can't spam click on the next location. it makes the game significantly harder

That's not a bug, it is to prevent spam clicking. Thanks though!


In defense of your rule violation, you can still play the game without moving your mouse, it just becomes significantly harder.

With this method, we can ignore every rule put in place by every game jam.. You've opened up an entire world of possibilities for us!


This game has the traits of Mario Odyssey if Mario Odyssey was good 10/10 a must play